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4 Channel Music 1996


RankTitleMade ByPreview
1Salsa Con CarneMystical of Purple
2high on youDeelite of Balance
3DARIAPoison of Goto 10
4wavecoastVirgill of Essence
5Born FreeLoonie of Loop
6love affairAzazel of TBL
8Jimi goes 2 KatmanduRez of Eclipse
9The depths of jazzTrip and Folcka of Depth
11The Ice PalaceMelomaniac
12Demon MacaroniJisemdu and Caramel of Proxima
13Buy 4 get 5Tricktrax of Puzzle
14wood moodsGerard Hultink of Genetic
15inside space v2MrC? & Sprite of Subspace
16liquid nightWax of Ambrosia
17pulse of life xlRelief of  Puzzle
18ba'rock2Pinocchio of Contraz
19Old skoolProdigy of Oops!
20she doesn't know...Traven of PSY's
21Motown funkYavin of HeatWave?
22Pure funky motionTLS of LSD
23the happy partyYanic of Heatwave
4-EverlandsMega of Dole / C-lous
A lunatic is backMindfuck of Mentasm
A shole A shakeElman
A song for summerSwallow of Doomsday
Acid invasionAcid of Bow
After hoursFudge of Subspace
Alchemist 2
Around midnightTecon
AstarothPelefant of EFK
Atomar fusionfunkCurt Cool of Depth
Beam me upInf of CST
Blasmund FlingPioneer of Secretly
Close encountersNotman of Iris
Come with meDC Clark of Secretly
Cut the crapBlues of Physic
Da boxAss of The Phloe
Da LSD tripRaze of Ambrosia
DubbonautDubberman of Triology
ElectroBlack Sista of RFX
Ere's tree gafkhanGafkhan of Cromatics
Fit 4 fightZany of Void
Flying to the partyX-Zone
For youBird of Elyssis
Funky classicFuzzy of Death Row
Funky party feverFunky man
GothicElbie of Tien
Gotta keep onRonny of Teklords
Groovy tuneElton de hoog
[[Marmalade & Tamburin]]Taymaz Fazli
High voltageGizmo of Dreddsoft
Infinity processorSupernao / Yolk
Inside my headThe Fox II of Reality / Mono
Into the outsidePos of Iris
Joy boy 3Latex Mannen
Kisses of the rainATX
Let's have some funkJamsam
MayishReptile of Astroidea
MetamorfiskKollaps of Focus Design
No more silenceBasey
Painfull obsessionAndy of Sympathy
Piano fantasticoPyrex of Daze
PlasticbilTrayzor of Ambrosia
Poisoned catOoze of X-Zone
PrimaprotonMaytz of In-sect
Probably notArf
Probe 2 - DehumanzierLava
Puzzled mindCDK of Scoopex
Raven 1Creon of Paranormal
Red sector ThemeThe King
Resident spacesSpacebrain of KGD
SekahedelmBeathawk of Trilogy
Sequence 7Cloud
Serve the publicZoomorph of MPH Animation
Shout in dreamsEvrimsson of Illusion
Speed freakMarc of Syndrome
Tekno hestCisum of Fever Design
The intruderJinx
Timeless beautyMeta of Ethic
Toy's (extended)Eliss-D
Trance ClutionTFT of RNO
TranceformRadavi of Effect
Virtual VoyageFrequent of Ephidrena
Wakeup pressy 3Dizy of Swaxi
WaterflarePulse of LGP
[[We are!]]Hilander of SLI / FBI



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