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Multi Channel Music 1996


RankTitleMade ByPreview
1Close to godCroaker of Halcyon
2Midnight in ArabiaMystical of Purple
3Go AarsPhelix of Yodel
4ClasseObscure Corpse of Paranormal Activity
5Dripping AwayPoison of Goto 10
6Louize on the moonTanic of Orca
7InjectorZodiak of FM
8Inside FocusKaiowa of Proxima
9Momi i StuganTaymat
10Vikings in the hoodSaim of Random Chaos
11UnderestimatedVic of Acme
12SodapopPinocchio of Contraz
13Mysteri SuuriDOC of Fobia design
14Freshness 2Luk & Z of Kloon
15ExtortionStinger & Zauron of Kosmic
16PsychpathOoze of Xzone
17Fly BySpiced Out Cowboy of Einhart Po
18AshramIndie & DeOne? of Finesse
19Olohof 97Youth of Heatwave
20Fool Little PiperSwallow of Doomsday
21Doing it for moneyWeazle of Elfsong
22HappymanKuazar of Euthanasia
24Juliet is tearingPaco of Dinasty
25Lonelynessloonie of Loop
26TitanicDigital Vain of Dynasty
27EnantiodromiaBoo of Talent
28EasyJisemdu of Proxima
29My BabySko of Einhart Po
31WillowSeaky of Synarchy
32We all need loveOmen of Elfsong
Cartoon's PumukliAcid Trackers of Acid Trackers
100000 Miles BRonny of Tekcords
42Jets of Beam
Anders on TheAnders Ervik of Proxima
Black ChristmasCrux of DCC
Chemical StormDisc-Man of Donut Fetish
Compilation remixJava of Cryonics
CornersNightmare of Sympathy
Das BootThe Funkwart of Stoned Brain Recordz
DesiveAndy of Sympathy
Destination - Vol 2Motive of Intereor
Devotionfraeser of CaPanya?
DieSquash of Axioma
DisappearKaneda of Mystic
Dream RideAstral of Physic/Diffusion
Dr.LinuxRelief of Puzzle
FATAL Emotionmwendel of Group8
FishVirgill of Artwork & Essence
FlowersFudge of Subspace
Goa SteamOrange of Puld
Gonna Rock The PlaceStor Hamster of Rectum Cauda
100 DegreesLeslie of Murmidones
Fatal emotionMwendel
Devition (love me…)Fraeser of Capan
The Comp. 96 remixJava of Cryonics
Dang-R (PS 96 Remix)D-Lee of Exceed MSX
DisfusionQuo Vadis
Ocean rideAstral of Physic
Drugged bunnyOsquip of Diffusion
Duracel SoundPlasm of Above
Escape from earthCordis
ExtensiaRipple of Inside
FantasiaHades of VEF
FiestaSwaxi of Fnuque
Fishes RyhmesVirgill
[[Format C:]]Juke of DNA
ForwardRooster of Neutron
FunkaholicBasey of Primitivos
Funk tripSonic of Smash Designs
C64 Old schoolMyth of Point of no return
Raw 2Trickster of VSG
Gonna rock da placeDyne of RC
42Jets of Beam



  1. $700
  2. $400
  3. $300
  4. $200
  5. $100