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> introduction: Talks like a waterfall (ævle-ævle-ævle)
> role1993: Organizer
> resp1993: Technical dep.
> role1994: Organizer
> resp1994: Technical dep.
> role1995: Organizer
> resp1995: Technical dep.
> role1996: Main Organizer
> resp1996: Technical dep.

Talks like a waterfall (ævle-ævle-ævle)

Event Role Team Responsibilities
The Party 1991
The Party 1992
The Party 1993Organizer Technical dep.
The Party 1994Organizer Technical dep.
The Party 1995Organizer Technical dep.
The Party 1996Main Organizer Technical dep.
The Party 1997
The Party 1998
The Party 1999
The Party 2000
The Party 2001
The Party 2002
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Responsibilities: filemaster

No information is recorded about when Wildcat was organizer.