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The Party 1993

- You Can't Beat The Feeling!

Time and Place

Dates:27 - 29 December 1993
Venue:Herning Messecenter


Main Organizers:5
Visitors (ex. daily):2487
Party Place Size (m2):8500
Power Usage(kWh):1686,18
Netcable (km):
Amiga Users:95%
Cola consumed(l):14399,73
Sound peak at stage(DB):90-100
Entrance Price(DKK):150



This was the first year at Messecenter Herning, and there were around 2500 guests. This year we also had a lot of snow, but that couldn't stop the party people.

This was also the year that Commodore (the company who used to produce and sell the Amiga computer) finally opened their eyes to the world of the scene. Commodore organized an exhibition and also hosted a few conferences.

Another first, this year, was the introduction of the PC and C64 competitions.

Our first time in Herning. This place was huge. The number of visitors was about 2500, which was a little lower than expected. Commodore opened their eyes for the demo scene this year, nd VIP's and supporters showed up and hosted press conferences and seminars. We also featured a resellers exhibition that year. And it snowed a lot! The winner demo was "Origin 2" by Complex.