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The Party 1998

- Do you believe in life after christmas?

Time and Place

Dates:From Sunday 27 December at 08:00 CET to Tuesday 29 December at 15:00 CET.
Venue:Messecenter Aars


Main Organizers:
Visitors (ex. daily):3512
Party Place Size (m2):8000
Power Usage(kWh):3773,73
Netcable (km):12
Amiga Users:45%
Cola consumed(l):24092,32
Sound peak at stage(DB):110
Entrance Price(DKK):350



Christmas time; a widely recognized holiday season dedicated to traditions and time spent with the family. The demo scene also has it's traditions, and christmas time is particular holy: Going to The Party. For the 8th time in a row, we're proud to hold our annual party in late December and feature more competitions, prizes, events, surprises, and activities than ever. Experience the real party feeling, meet friends, and see the master work of soon-to-be computer and digital arts professionals. Or stare at your monitor for 70 hours straight, live on Coke and peanuts, feel the true stress of meeting deadlines, and watch Amiga demos at 04:30 in the morning without knowing why. In any case, you'll have to ask yourself: - Do You Believe in Life After Christmas?

To avoid any power failures, the entire powergrid has been redesigned, and the conference center is currently expanding, to meet our space demands.


The Party 1998 - and what a party we had. Our very ambitious program was carried out completely with only few delays. The network was faster and more stable than ever and the productions were of outstanding quality. The winner was MOAI by Nomad. To all our visitors: thanks for supporting the scene spirit.


We made an agreement with the local bowling center to have a night of bowling tournament. Go to the information and sign up if you wish to participate. This is of course free to all visitors!

Happy Hacking

21/12 - 1998

Protect Data have steeped into this project and will set up a Borderware firewall and sponsor prizes for the winners. Thanks to Protect Data for doing this on such short notice! A Gauntlet firewall will not be set up.

16/12 - 1998

Today we where informed that due to techinal problems with the American and the European department, our sponsor of both the firewall and prize for the Hacking Event had to say no to attend The Party this year. This does not mean that the hacking event is cancelled. We are working full time on getting another firewall to be present at The Party. At present time we just don't know who it will be. Make sure to check this page for updates frequently!

The Party will this year launch a brand new subject, hacking.

A Yet unknown company will set up a firewall for you phreaks out there to go crazy on, and the first to penetrate the Firewall will be rewarded greatly.

What YOU have to do, is penetrate the firewall, check out our server located behind the firewall and find a small file placed on the server by us. To proove for us that you have both read AND writeaccess, you must drop us a little note with your assigned IP and your nick.

You must also be able to show us exactly HOW you came through the firewall. This is one of the only ways for us to actually prove to the owner of the firewall that you penetrated it.

It is ofcourse only the first penetrator that will be rewarded, so you must hurry!

You will NOT! be in ANY! kind of trouble with us or the police for hacking this firewall, and there will be no questions asked how you learned about hacking.

This is not only for the K-Rad Elite hackers. EVERYONE at The Party 1998 is invited to participate in this event, so remember your scanners, exploits and toolz to break the rulez.


As one of the special events at The Party, Web.It will show up and demonstrate their newest productions for our guests. We hope to see you all at the presentation where you will be able to see what this new wonder can do. Furthermore, representatives from Web.It will be present, to answer your questions about the Web.It.

Web.It will present and talk about their new home computer. It's made in the spirit of Commodore 64, and several developers from Commodore64 and Amiga is involved in this project. The computer features a C64 emulator, internet software and home business software.

With a Web.It, you can do real word-processing and spreadsheets. Using Lotus 123 and Ami-Pro. Surf the Internet and get e-mail with Netscape. Using the Web.it as your family's agenda with Lotus Organiser. Even play Solitaire or lots of stunning Commodore 64 games using the C64 emulator. You can do many of the things you do on your desktop PC. Just connect it to your television and start immediately! Computing has never been so easy. No rocket science installing procedures, just switch it on and your Web.it will start-up in just a few seconds. The very new Web.IT is designed to keep it simple. Expansion modules and accessories are available to suite your needs. Future upgrades can be done easily. And you will be the expert! Web Computers International is based in the Netherlands Antilles and has a subsidiary in Antwerp, Belgium. The company was founded in 1998 with the objective of developing a new home computing standard. Web Computers International stands out by responding flexibly to market demand and integrating technology from leading market players into a unique and affordable product.

Dealer Demo

Dealer demos must contain logos of the company sponsoring the competitions. Compaq will give hardware worth at least $2000 to the winners.

Here are the rules:

Compaq Seminar

Compaq is a company in growth and is always looking for talented people. Come to this seminar and here about the opportunities for employment at Compaq.

Hacker Conference

To kick off the hacker event a panel of specialists will discuss issues about hacking, firewalls and data protection. Rules for the hack-a-firewall competition will be announced and explained

IMSI Seminar

A seminar in using the IMSI CD-COPIER product from IMSI. With this product you can copy ex. games to harddisk and run them directly from harddisk with great speed gains. Compression ensures that the amount of harddisk space is limited. Special The Party Price 125,- DKK plus VAT & postage. Further will ex. TurboCAD?, etc., etc. be at the seminar.

AM Conference

This multimedia company will demonstrate an exiting 3D virtual reality sound system with unique features. They are also looking for developers, programmers and sound specialists to hire for their project.

Halflife Tournament

Scandinavia Online will host a tournament in Halflife. Winners get a PC. Sign up in the information and bring your own joystick.

International Karate Tournament

Now it is time to go back to the roots.. You all know Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and several others like it. Here at The Party we go back in time.. Back to when EVERYONE where using the Commodore 64 as the ultimate game machine.. Bring you own Joystick, and get ready.. it's time for International Karate!

Rave Party

Rave in the Sleeping Halls is back!!!
Only this year it will not be in the sleeping halls. We promise.

VJ Kool looK

00.00 DJ Inverse Converse (Goa/psychedellicTrance)
00.30 Roz(Detroit/hardhouse/acid)
01.00 HKB(Hardtrance / trance)
02.00 DJ Inverse Converse (Goa/psychedellicTrance)
02.30 [Slave] FRIESE(Gabba/Hardcore)
03.00 Good night! :)


Sunday 27th
1200-1300   Opening Ceremony
1300-1400   Hacker Conference
1400      ! Halflife Tournament
1600-1700   AM Productions
1700      ! Amiga Intro
1700-1900   Web.It Conference
1800-1900   Coca Cola Body Crashing
2000      ! C64 Graphics
2100-2300   Amiga Intro
2300      ! C64 Music
2300-2400   C64 Graphics
Monday 28th
0000-0300   The Rave 1998
0100      ! Windows 98 Demo
0400      ! Raytraced Graphics
0400      ! PC Intro
0400-0500   C64 Music
0500-0700   Windows 98 Demo
0700      ! Java Intro
0700-0800   Raytraced Graphics
0800      ! Pixel Graphics
0800      ! 4 Channel Music
0800      ! Fast Website
0800-1000   PC Intro
0900      ! Java Demo
1100-1200   Java Intro
1200-1300   Pixel Graphics
1300      ! Wild Classic
1300      !   Banner
1300-1400   IMSI Mediator Seminar
1300-1500   Java Demo
1400      ! C64 Demo
1400-1500   Career Opportunities at Compaq
1500      ! Video Demo
1500-1700   4 Channel Music
1700      ! Amiga Demo
1700      ! PC Demo
1700-1800   Fast Website
1800-1900   Banner
1900-2100   C64 Demo
2100-2130   Halflife Tournament
2200-2300   Hacking
2200-2400   Video Demo
Tuesday 29th
0000-0300   Amiga Demo
0100      ! Multi Channel Music
0100      ! Useful Monitor
0200      ! C64 Games
0300-0600   PC Demo
0600-0630   Useful Monitor   
0700-0800   Wild Classic
0800-1000   Multi Channel Music
1000-1100   C64 Games  
1100      ! Voting   
1200-1300   Close/Prizegiving

Banner Surprise Competition

Bring the banner of your group and hang it on the walls. Only banners on walls will be qualified. We'll take a tour in the halls and film all of them, and find the winners by public voting.

Most Beautiful Monitor Competition

The target is to find the most creative use of monitor cases. Tell us if you brought a monitor being used as a suitcase, aquarium, helmet, flower pot or anything else crazy enough to cause attention. And there will be many more...




10Mbit Twisted Pair for the people from a monster backbone, KICK-ASS FTP servers and Internet for everyone.

This year we decided to repeat the succes with Compaq from last year, so we expanded our collaboration with them to cover both servers and physical network. We know a lot of you have been more than interested in knowing more about The Party Network, and finally we've got some info for you! Compaq is going in to this full blown this year. There are still some things we have to work out about the servers, but the network itself should look something like below.


Public FTP:
    Proliant 6500, Dual Xeon processors, 1Gb RAM, 200GB online diskspace, 2 x 1Gb Netcards. Of course there will be a backup server online with almost the same specifications.
    Proliant 7000, Quad Xeon processors, 1Gb RAM, 8Gb diskspace.
Web FTP:
    Proliant 1600, Pentium II - 400MHz, 128Mb RAM, 8Gb diskspace (used for contributions).
    Proliant 1600, Dual Pentium II - 400MHz, 128Mb RAM, 8Gb diskspace - probably running Microsoft NetShow streaming video.
    2 x Proliant 1600, Pentium II - 400MHz, 128Mb RAM, 2Gb diskspace.
    Proliant 800, Pentium II - 400MHz, 256Mb RAM, 4Gb diskspace.
Firewall, Proxy and DNS:
    A bunch of Digital Alpha computers running Altavista software - more specifications to come. Backing up the Altavista products, several high power Compaq Proliant servers. 


The physical network this year will really kick ass! We will be using Compaq Gigabit backbone switches, all having at least 2 Gigabit connections to ensure higher uptime and double the bandwith to 2 x 1 Gigabit + Full Duplex. In Hall1 and Hall2 we will connect 10/100Mbit switches to the backbone, to which we will connect the 10Mbit hubs on the tables. In Hall3 we will be placing 10/100Mbit autosensing hubs on the tables, which will be connected directly to the backbone Gigabit swithches. Yes you understod it right, 100Mbit og 10Mbit to all users in Hall3!!! The network in Hall3 should be at least 6 times faster than in Hall1 and Hall2. In Hall1 and Hall2 we will segment the network into IP subnets to help prevent excessive broadcasting. Each of these segments will contain a maximum of 80 users. Hall3 will be segmented even more providing a maximum of 15 users on each subnet. So what does this mean, that we will segment you into these IP subnets. It means that computers on the same subnet will be able to talk to each other using Broadcast. Broadcast is when your computer/programme sends out information on the network, without a specific receiver. This means that EVERYONE on the entire network would receive your information. To prevent this, we configure the network equipment to filter out the broadcast information, and only let the information with a specific receiver get through. OK, enough of the technical bable, basicly it means, that all of you out there, still playing those old games, which only works over the IPX and NetBEUI? network protocols, will not be able to play against more than 60-80 other computers in Hall1 og Hall2, and ind Hall3 not against more than 15 others. Games supporting the TCP/IP protocol will not have this problem, except if there is no way that you can define the IP address of Name of the game server. It is possible that we will be using a Gigabit switch which can also route IPX traffic between the network segments, but it's still not sure that we will be using this one. This would basicly mean, that playing IPX games against everyone at the entire party should work, but since this is the first time this is ever tested, don't count on it.

General Rules

Please Note