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Multi Channel Music 1998

RankTitleMade ByPreview
1ratzbatzfatzfatzsalt of Kolabore
2Shape Shifter 2Sierra of Smash Designs
4Some other worldNeophite of RBI
5vikingsloonie of analogue music
6All your waysMethod of Trinity
7El Diablo En Me CasaDan Dryer of UMP & Smash Designs
8Good Morning AarsOxygener of Superstars
9Knock down your brainsdarkxceed of Quad
10Come to megday of Quad
10In her majestys dutiessilverstance98 of silverstance98 of
12Olen nainenSpeedo perkele of Loveboat
13KHAMOSAdam of Dualcrew - Shinning
13Pannical Affectionbeatomen
15Symphony of Sorrowburtil of BasicBoys?
16Deep Down BelowDiGiSTORM? of Logic
16Planned SpontanityZixaq of Ephidrena and Bifrost o
18Head Rush 604Aurum
19The Projector ageProjection
Julöl ver 5thypyroo of the spantobi family
RonkovaPhylox of Boom Bass Records
They Hate YouRoz
Hes CommingZany
Flying HighpOW of Poise Records / Exposure
KidsPink of Abyss
Life after Christmassnej
106 Miles to ChicagoJay / rbi
Untitled Compomodcyberwolf_dk of MindRipple?
Barrys All GoodKriz-P & mistaDollaz / H-Town
EmptinessNature of Logic
Mallorze Sunheman of Digital underground
Resonancedixan of Ram jam
Hes BackDutch of Katana
FreitagImode of Exceed/Xenon of Kosmic
Birth of a SoulMyst of Katana
[[Ernie : Een ode aan]]Trinity
Don salsLucas of Distortion
MghouseLoolarge of Expulsion
AtselousKure of RNO
Shake three (enuf)DjustiZ? O`-ACME-
AboveSubstance of Dualcrew Shining
Plutonetic RadioteZubspace of RNO
106 miles of ChicagoJay of RBI
beyond the templespook & highfly of kahvila^orchi
SphinxVrgill of Haujobb
[[Popcorn `98]]Tytte of Ostebulen
ExtravaganceXANG of Acme
Return To Planet NecrosWayfinder of KFMF
Trip Into My MindSlimkid of Cold Fusion & Misery
fransk4tmk & dominei
Jullerup Færgeby MixoRaNGe of Ostebulen
FearMorph of CyberImage?
needle x-o
ShuffledFuben of Oxyron
Barcode Babyklabbe of klabbe
linkBoomer of Acme
Brasilchromag of haujobb
Stranger Than Thoutrez of Shesten
Bökullerpjevs of 1:dec
MetamorphosisMetal and DRAX
Porno v1.01zip
starseedpirnomann of Youth
The mystical (return) of the Hizbollahgspot
Lightyears AwaySolarc of Essex
subsonique dub - tp editgafkhan of n4p
S Groovepinocchio of Contraz
Blood on your face (Tribute to F.MERCURY)TURBO.J
[[Baaaaaaaaaas!]]Ionizer of Untomb
OrbmotorMetaBolic? & Kip
NeutronMindwave of Prone
Der bunte Schmetterlingexciter of nordsee of exciter of nordsee
ElfmagicFrequent / Ephidrena & MJ / Iris
pål the pandas trip to calcuttavoice of loop
AmnesiaChris and Simon
WonderingscOut of Acme
The CaseTowerx
Skogsfolket Vaknarhyzen of neanderthal
Fever TP98Magus
ReptileTricktrax of Iris
Illutionary ImpressionCircul8 of Copenhagen Tracking C
Genetic EngineeringUnzeen of Copenhagen Tracking C
Partypung 3.11wiDe
Page 13 yalljorm of Loop
Feel The PowerDoctor Roole of Elitegroup
Motivationnightmarel of Sympathy 98
PrutshowDuck LaRock? of Abens
Giant Leapdreyer
John Denver is DEADCoolium of Coolium of
meknovigour of vigour
Orbital motorwayDark of MetaBolic? & Kip
Welcome Part 2Nukleus
Entired FascinationNuance
Nature Watches 3 rmxMindRipple?
Ernie Ode aanAvalanche