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The Party 1999

- Need we say more...

Time and Place

Dates:27 - 29 December 1999


Main Organizers:
Visitors (ex. daily):3452
Party Place Size (m2):8000
Power Usage(kWh):4073,36
Netcable (km):13
Amiga Users:35%
Cola consumed(l):24440,16
Sound peak at stage(DB):110-115
Entrance Price(DKK):350



For the first time the Linux Demo compo was introduced. The WiLD? compo winner (South Party by hybris/NEMESIS) this year was the best ever since Rofly(1996), but there were just too many all-video compos.

This was also the year where TP ran the worlds largest Y2K test. "How?" you might wonder. Well, what we did was to make everybody set the clock on their computer forward to 1999 at 23:00, waited one hour to se if anything happened... Nothing Crashed... Nothing burned... Everything worked!

So whoever invented the Y2K dilemma earned quite a lot of money on something that wasn't really there! ;)

The Party 1999 - The hunt for the millenium bug. Well... we didn't really find it, but on the other hand we found more than 3000 enthusiastic people who came to meet, compete, play and listen. We had the biggest network ever, great Linux seminars and one of the most impressive WiLD? Demo's for years - South Party.