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Pixel Graphics 1999


RankTitleMade ByPreview
1Color of AutumnFashion of Smash Designs
2ahne pappacyclone of abyss
3Beefasix of Cromatics
4ConnectingBifrost of Loonies
5i always read shine..baloo of replay
6A Fairy Talesatchmo
7MarioMatarazzo of IRIS
8CHEM-WARImperator of Party-tion
9ZonkPython of NICE DEZIGNS
11washing machine ordinareSunday of Tpolm
11johnny Hazardweird[oz] of the dope team
13GandharaSnarling of Anakata
14Wired headZthee of secretly
14SnifferDefekt of Junk
16you canĊ½t beat the feelingMrsCarrot? of d4rkn3ss
17Mythical MoodGusia & Eidolon of ? & insomnia2k
18Manga EyeFirimaR? of SynoduZ?
19Dream DanceTrenox of Junk
19PenQuiN P0weRgriebel of team tux
21bright eyesKTHULU of NEXTEMPIRE
23Skin DeepArmitage 374 of ABC Warriors
24[[Need we do more?]]BigBen?, HaPPy? & Arvad of Keep Smiling
24Art of KanlyCanis Vulpes of independent
26Usagi YoimboSlayer of Appendix



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