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I like: Linux/*BSD IT-Security, Moviez and P0rn - Last known place http://www.deadmeat.dk

Event Role Team Responsibilities
The Party 1991Guest Helping with the TVtransmitter.. ;-)
The Party 1992Organizer Security
The Party 1993Organizer Security
The Party 1994Organizer Security
The Party 1995Organizer Security
The Party 1996Organizer Cinema with P0rn /New Stuff.
The Party 1997Organizer Webmaster/Cinema with p0rn /New Stuff.
The Party 1998Organizer Hax0r event(Protect Data)
The Party 1999Organizer Linux(redhat and SuSE) & Hax0r Events.
The Party 2000Organizer Linux WorkShop & Hax0r Events....
The Party 2001Guest Leeching P0rn
The Party 2002