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Can talk incredibly fast and noone understands what he is saying. Rico is one of the latest additions to the party crew. He has a background as a systemadministrator at a local ISP, and therefor has a waste knowledge in the fields of internet and networking. During The Party Rico will act as a consultant for the networking crew, but will primarily be in charge of coordinating all the event and take care of the sponsors.

Event Role Team Responsibilities
The Party 1991
The Party 1992
The Party 1993Visitor
The Party 1994Visitor
The Party 1995Visitor
The Party 1996Main Organizer Network
The Party 1997Bestyrelses medlem Chairmen, Mains
The Party 1998Bestyrelses medlem Chairmen, Mains
The Party 1999Bestyrelses medlem Chairmen, Mains
The Party 2000Bestyrelses medlem Chairmen, Mains Left the TheParty? duing Sommer 2000, due to lack of time
The Party 2001
The Party 2002
  • T-Shirt Size: XL
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