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Event Role Team Responsibilities
The Party 1991
The Party 1992
The Party 1993
The Party 1994
The Party 1995
The Party 1996
The Party 1997
The Party 1998Organizer PR Crew PR, Guest Reception and Information Desk
The Party 1999
The Party 2000
The Party 2001
The Party 2002
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How did I get involved?

In summer 1998 my friend Jesper (Thrawn) came to visit in Greece (where I live). He started mentioning about TP and what an exciting event it was etc. Then he asked if I could help out and participate as an organizer. It was not easy being in the PR crew as I was far away (in Greece) and had no contact with any local companies or oganizations. So I did my best researching on the web and contacting groups, spreading out information etc.

While at TP my main responsibility was reception and information desk. No real fun I must say, I missed most of the action and worked atleast 14 hours a day. Nevertheless a unique experienece. I also had to spend one night at the gym hall where visitors could sleep (the fire department demanded that atleast one awake person is present where people sleep).

Anyway It was a great holiday for me which also gave me the chance to see a bit of Denmark (which I found to be a lovely place to be. Being half German I quickly adapted to the overall environment).