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PC Intro 1997

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> == Rules
> * Must be a standalone executable with or without data files.
> * Use no more than 600 KB of conventional memory.
> * Exit by pressing ESC-key at any time.
> * Support silent mode (-nosound).
> * Take up no more than 64 KB on disk in uncompressed form.
> * Run while HIMEM.SYS is loaded.
> * Max. one intro per coder.
> * No more than 5 min. will be shown.


RankTitleMade ByPreview
2BjörFeather of TPAM
3LightformsVipd of Purple
4Dager-11Echo and Dune of Fudge and Orange
5Love creation MK2-urban lovePoison of Inf
6BullPowaKvark of Prone
7SinkUnreal of Pulse
8SupermacyKravitz of Sublogic
9Punishment XVirne of Coma
10ProveMorphy / Trueman of Exact
11FunctionSpector of Recreation
12SSITiger of United Force
13Yawn remix (vitun Organisionti)Droid of Haujobb
14Gamma 2Uncle-X of MFX
15Transmogrifikation Part 2Flex of Blocc
16GurburkNika arb of Hemulianerha
17RiseAssign of Ethos 9
18JeffWeez of Loop
Gay shitCofurt of Manshit
[[Save me Megaman!]]fReplay
P7 IntroqT-Pnoc
TragisktSocrates and Kundragn of Tragic
DongBrite-Lite of Alpha Design
Räpätys 2Frukt Bomb of Skraapaa Skruuppi



  1. $500
  2. $300
  3. $150