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4 Channel Music 1995

RankTitleMade ByPreview
1Fountain Of SighsUnreal of Pulse
2Ambient GuitarTusc of RaveForce?
3Compact CaviarMystical of Purple
4Crazy Sexy CoolVirgill of Essence
5Kiss My AssJazz of Haujobb
6Butt Head SongScortia of The Silents
747th StreetCytron of HSE
8BN MainiaEagle & Maf of Agoa & Silicon
9JazzinFBY of Soft One
10Total Eclipse V2Zanu of Iris & RNO
11Chico De LorosGandbox of SLS
12U R RemixedClaw of C-lous
13[[What Guitar?]]Mindfuck of Mentasm
14Tranceplayground 4bProphet
15Post OuvertureTrip of Depth
16Play KidUnison of Impact DK
17December BluesPinocchio of Banana Dezign & Contraz
18Another ResolutionMelomaniac
19Sleeping EnergyLaz of Honey
20Seperate WaysClawz of Bomb
20Party SuxDreamer of Nah-kolor
21Magic JourneyFash of Fake
22SpritzstundenSlide of Polka Brothers
23Hooyowy ChrzaszczSpiryt of Illusion
24Acid JazzAcen of Sac
25World Of InsanityLizardking of Razor 1911 & Triton PC
Den kærlige vandpipeJeronimus
CreatureOdie of X-Trade
Crackling TurdTaste of Classic
ControlHilander of Dental
Complete DisasterPhysocho of The Black Lotus
Collective HypnosisWax of Ambrosia
Co CocoricoShad of Pulse
Classical InterruptionCDK of Sector 7
ChinaAl Bundy of Jewels
Cascade Fsol RemixThe Fox II of Reality
Caph And LamedPrick of Mass
Canned PassionDep of DFX
BrainlinkedKeith303 of Blank
Born In 1957Dave of Freezers
Black SilverTUC
Bim Bom BamHeiZahn? of Rectum Cauda & Proxima
Behind The CloudzBier of Cloudz
BassmentMeta of Ethic
Aural BrainfoodThom of TRSI
[[Audio & Visual Check]]Pollux of Ethic
Analfabeta IIWierza of Ventura
AlbatorWave of Saturne
Acid FlashNeoPhyle? of Elfsong
Aborigine RevivalFuzzy of Death Row
3 Minutes Of A LifeS. Duvan of Citron
1410Phase & DSX of TRSI Records
ZyrianPhilo of Physic
Xact PleasureNFC of Red Dwarf Inc.
WinterdropsCutcreator of Passion
Virulent CampaignSonic of Dental
Vermins Eat DustDr. Strange
Vatican RaqArgh
Tzjin-SchackSwaxi of Subcult
Trance-Sax-ValKtn of Mellow
Trance MonksChronic of Diffision
Too MuchMarc of Sector 7
TheatricalDeck of Scoopex
The SpiderFlower of Iris
The PartyGonni of Monarch
The Overture 2Front 6 of Newline & Analog
The MilkmanWeezer of Factor
The Fire BirdNotman of Iris
The Dragon BreathBlack Dragon of Honoo
Technostic CulturesEniac of Opaque
Tchernobyl's FlowersRez of Eclipse
Så Smukt Er HavetKim of Jewels
Syntactic SugarMittag-Leffler of Nosebleed
SyndromeP.O.W. of Iris
SuperheroSeduce of Status Ok
Sudden InspirationHille of Insanity
Spiral MechanismShout of Dreamdealers
Spacelab 9Shane of Crux
Space Fish In Sight 3Pixie of Polka Brothers
Sorry To Party, BabyDixan of Megahead
Smooth AttackPman of Dental
[[Smoke & Smurf]]Den Slatne Coder of Sumpen
Should Turn To BTarmslyng of Loonies
Shake Your BodyCurt Cool of Depth & Avocado
SeductionPoison of Goto 10
Sassy AsslineMuttley of Puzzle
RoundaboutBoone of Defiance
Rave TripX-et
Plutonium 239TLS of Retire
Out Of GoaYogi of December
On The RocksNecros of FM
OmegaSmooth of Skytech
ObsessionZoomorph of Death Row
NowasynNowasyn of Ethic
[[No Funk! No Techno]]The Loop of Artwork
Nibbler's ThemeLiam The Lemming of Surprise! Productions
NeatTrickster of visage
[[Mystic - Speck & Mike|Mystic]]Speck & Mike of Mystic
Mountain HighTricktrax of Puzzle
Morning GrooveDan Dryer of Monarch
Mellow TechnologyKlorathy of Ram Jam
Media Techno PopicusSpeedy of Jewels
Marching ElefantsTommy Jørgensen of X-Cess
Manic FiltersDecybel
The Maddog In Acid WorldLasse Christiansen of No Excuse
Live ForeverTrapdoor of Skidrow
Kyxi Techno 1MRK of Jewels
Kresten Buddha MedleyNemon Oicsen & Kresten Buddha of Dansk terror Syndikat
Kosmos Of DarkneszCardasian of Physic
Kickin It PlaybackMortimer Twang of Royal & House of Style
Jerry ShopDan & Norby of Investation & TRSI Records
Jam SessionAcen of SAC
Its JazztimeSector of Intereor
Innovate And HalucinateGloom of Spin
InnertranceKrypton of Mellow
In My BackyardFender of New Age
In AddictionT.N.T of Vision
IllusionMr. Real of Graze
IconbasticMaytz of In-Sect
I Still Have A DreamFonager & Mosegaard of Einhart Po.
I Feel So AliveSlice of Royal
Higher And HigherRandall & Eracore of Surbubian
Hey SkatSplif Productions of Puzzle
Hans Em SchnougalochToalNkor? of Realtech
GreendaythingFuturemind of Jewels
Going To The TopMot of Subcult
God Of Errors 2Raze of Ambrosia
GluppobertQuazar of Sanxion
GnauleDoh of DreamDealers?
Getting StartedKnox of Jewels
Fucking TV NetworkCash of Mentasm
Ft Magic SoundThisen of Keso
Forever LoveTrance of Crux
Field DayScorpik of Absolute & Pulse PC
ExrcomptunElixir of DFX
EthnikHollywwood of Axis, Valhalla & KFMF
Especially SpecialKnækpølsen of Sumpen
En El CafeTiny of Loonies
Ecno FunxGigantbox of Manarch
Easy ListeningBohdi
Dream Voyage MintGizmo of Dredd Soft
Dream DimensionNoname & DJhorst of Sector 7
Do You LoveM.J.K.
Digital RevolutionHifi of Effect & R+D