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Raytraced Graphics 2000

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> == Results


> == Rules
> * The maximum resolution allowed is 1024*768
> * The maximum amount of simultaneous on-screen colors is 24bit
> * The picture must be computer calculated, and must not contain pixeled or scanned elements. We demand a WireFrame snapshot to eliminate cheating (a screenshot of the complete WireFrame will do). For Povray users and alike, we need the parser script instead of the wireframe (for obvious reasons..)
> * Pictures will be shown on PC with ACDSee or any other good picture viewer.
> * Pictures have to be in TIFF, JPEG, BMP or PNG format
> * Only one picture by one graphics artist
> * Only new material
> == Prizes
> # 300
> # 200
> # 100


RankTitleMade ByPreview
1Dragon CliffTrenox of JUNK
2NAKED BODYStefan Hoffmann of XDREAM
3The HeadhunterADY of Aenima
4The place to be[]Caine of BoXen?
5alienjesterivanp of \\\ LiteWerx?
6Out of orderCHMTX of Aenima
7Void MermaidApoc & H3rm4n of The Void
8Attack on BismarckMoleGene? of Imagine
9Arboreal LifeLaika of Loonies
10Handheld FutureBeatOmen? of Synoduz
11Maniacs shitX3M2K-Maniac of XTREME2000
11Back2RootsSkywalker of TheGnus?
12churchValarauka of Magnetic
13[[The "Sparrow"]]Liaram of Istari
14Motionless SanctuaryFirimaR? of Synoduz
14LightsUnicorn of Xtreme2000
15CastleGrandalf of Loopit
16ToxinImperator of Synoduz
17watchopedion of Random Number Visuals
18RayProject X
19easyfrag.dkcrissi of easyfrag.dk
20[[Zippo with "groovy" logo]]Benjamin "Horza" Mortensen of groovy
21Extra Terrestrial Trancer-IbRRS of Carex
22[[La Maison De [HFL]]]@SeMi?.ImaginarY?@ of +:HELL][FroG?][LEAPS:+
23Raytrace4everBUDDA-X of Junk
24Roadkill 1Jonas Kvist Jensen
25spheresIPhase of ├śLK-LAN
26Dorming TowerKniX?
27Eden Part 2Kure + Ubik of WPZ



  1. 300
  2. 200
  3. 100