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PC Intro 2000


RankTitleMade ByPreview
1[[fr-08: .the .product]]Chaos, fiver2, kb, Doj, Yoda, Ry of Farbrausch
2Nean der talerMacaw and P-Rat of NonAlienNature?-5 and Bypass
3[[Fresnel/2]]Noize et al of Kolor
4TimelossKanttu, Kenshi, Kthulu of Nextempire
4mental excessionDXM - gosub lator curly ahnion of DXM
549152cer , rac , heman of Digital Underground
7trsacMihtjel & Cipherz of Slamsoft
8excuse me while i clear my throatjdigital of i2pi
9dreams are for those who forsakeswhisker of replay
10nostalgiaqq of 666
11Death of a Societynufan^skp / delta9^team23 / mind
12introhnosfe, astute of flo, vlp
13BustroColas of Move



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