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Multi Channel Music 1997


RankTitleMade ByPreview
1Follow The Starkb of The Obsessed Maniacs
2Feed The DroidKaioua of Sorrox
3HasteCulandrian Daedalius Rasthalon of The Obsessed Maniacs
4Highland 97Lucaz of Distortion
7Space Camel-Motive- of Spazenauts
8Me And My KaikalMuffler of Havjobb & DCS
9OpticalOrange of Dream Factory
10Grass Like MePsycho of Session
11Rodriguez from AlbyLoonie of Night 55
11SpiderZixaq of Ephidrena
14Flying DreamPhelix of Yodel
15LovePhreak of Phobia
16Under Whater CurrentSilverstance of Neurorica
17Embrylogical FunkOptic of TRSI/DCS/Tpolm
18Spy Vs. SpyBanana of The Electronic Knights
19SuffocationEl Vaquito of NRG
21FruitmixFacet of Lemon/TBC
22Go Home IIDzsozy of Bzeeze
26Blue LKvasar of Euthanaria
Dark DesireMindflower of Freestyle
junglehopKlumzy K of Renegades
LovedUpLoveDubBimblebee of Renegades
Good HopesDa Kid of Renegades
BiriyaniRandon of Phome
Gul KnutTrubadix of Gnoffel
Braun Oral B Plack Control UnitDiztie of Lamadjuret Software
We Need Some SmashSonic of Smash Designs
DillerPixy of Dream Factory
CrusaderPanter of Peon
EmailSigma of Maroon
Little ZigJCH of Vibrants
The OnlyAndy of Nudnce
Neuroleptic Sun God-Sector- of Spazenauts
XmoodCarebear of Orange
OpenSeqvention of XTC
World of Lovec-eAGLE of Exlex
Final IgnitionAltrust of Tulou
Twisted Cinema 3 LiteMelomanic & Ransom of N/4
Technical OverrideXenon of XTC DK
Space AttackFrank of Riot
Differnt WorldBrain Rain of Enlightenment
C65Tuidkr of No Group
30Th NovemberJedry of Rebels
OmnitronKeyG? of Screw!bolt
Blue ShoeCrookez of Tpolm
MisutkaTreebeard of Costo Projects
MjvkglasReflex of SvN? Lollies
CompoPeacey of Hitmen
Angels EyesVelvet of Amable
Quarter 2 ElevenNightmare of Sympaffy
Find an AngelTechnonancer of Pulse
SolitudeMitch of Crest
Summer in DenmarkMethod of Mushroom Recordz
RobopopDominel & TMK of INF
Shoot2fZake of Cadio
SK-3Th SoundInti of Citavia
DreamerChakly & Edox of Essex
HissimusSolar Crisis of Refinition
Delfoi BlueGn & Memom of M›ppi Productions
FlangedfWhitedron of No Group
Electro-monicaFndr of Smoke
Daily SorrowSoney of Smash Designs
Tigio NaufaboiGs&ot of Recreation & Bandwagon
Right or WrongWU of Hitman
EnterWhiccc of Intens
Julemand'sJulemand of APA
Garden of EdenOrbiter of Franklyn
Green Little MenIllusion / Shallow of Doomsday
FrightLimbo Duck of Recreation
BellsComba of Breeze
Lativ SpiritCarlos of Breeze
Musiga BananerFudge of Subspace
BecanAdam of Dualcrew & Sgining
Light PlaceboXhale of DCS, Calamity
How2chill N' Da jungleCyberbrain of Noname
Da Anthem PulsePincapple of Flatline
GlimmishPinocchio of Contraz
The QuestDrax of Maniacs of Noise
Karis Band LiveShape of DCS
Distorted MindSaim of Random Chaos
HourulezMd.Suxx of No Group



  1. $600
  2. $400
  3. $200
  4. $100