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4 Channel Music 1994

RankTitleMade ByPreview
1Electric ChurchHithansen of Rednex
2Folx VagenDreamer of TRSI
3A Kind Of LoveZulu&Grey of Rebels
4CyberfuckM.C.MP of Remedy
5Outer FunkZouf of Access
6BridgeTricktrax of Tribe
7Hans Wurst Drehmt AufMr.Looping of Interpool
8IllusionsAndy of Essence
9NadirFBY of Sotrone
10ConspiritoNation of Dragnet
11Island Of SadnessKlorathy of Freezers
12Mental MotionAmadeus of Meka Design
13Peace And ChaosSmooth
14Mystical MouseMystical of Purple
15Beyond CyberspaceDada of Abnormal
16EmphuturedC-Quence of Gods
17S.O.S.DPL of Platin
18LegendUnix of Chryseis
19BouncingThe Fox II of Reality
20Mayday 2Mr. Mister&Ravage
21Jazzy ByldReleif of TLL
22Unbored FantasiesKallestrup
YeahLord Semtex
YackowWoober of saints
WralixLucifer of Technology
Woman in my headDahaul of bonzai
Wild hog walkGer
What da funkOmen of noise
Wasted youthIcs & Lizard of cavalry
Voodoo specialMr.Melody of ethic
Voodoo spacefrogRmx of nexus-7
Vaginal lubricationYolk of parallax
Try outB-Toven of spoon
TrancesectionSiracon of defiance
Touch my teddybearFuturemind
The show by la styleL.A.Style of s8
Tell meHartraver of Zyncom
Tango sistersChromag of polka Brothers
Sweet lorraine2Vocal of rebels
SpalterEmax of TRSI
Sounds coolMellon of defiance
Song for a pigLukas of focus Design
Solid circleSneaker of meka Design
SoftstonesVoyce of delight
SodesoTommy of noise
SilenceTivurr of movement
Shove it right inChorus of jewels
Second voyageLizardking of razor 1911 & Mantronix
ScepticMr.Real of craze
Rubber computer 94Hille of insanity
Reuels wishPinocchio of damage Incoorperated
RedophobiaVacum of moment 22
Read my mind-
Play Me IIDrac of iris
PlaygroundCurmudgeon of depth
Ouverture ivengerVenger of dragnet
Out of energyCurt Cool of depth
Na id sipNows of Simulator Jemals
Nature darknesPsycho of cp-Dezajn
Natural vibesMerlin of Scoopex
Mother of PearlBart of Noise of the Megablasters
MysteryCdk & Marc of Sonority Productions
Murderers of passionLava of Subacid
Mr sinister-
Monday at noonElf of moment 22
Mental overdriveFash
Mental energyMr.Redhead of monotome
Marken er plejetMaytz of mentrax
Mad but sadCytron of cadaver
JointrancodutionRash of Partek
Jazz festivalBig Baer of Taurus
Interference iiVirgill
Info wants to be meLaz of Squash
HoraA's of Sway
Hits from da bongDecybel
HeleneKod & Wonderboy
Hdf nostalgiaHardfire of Intense
Hazzardous hornsRandall of Suburban
HardpartZest of Nx7
Happy whirlwindDj4753 of WWW
Gryfunk is da voxGryzor
GemlelardDoh of dreamdealers
Fun keyBig-Joy of ethic
Funk o phonePetroff of Absolute
Funk itThorion of TRSI
Funky inspirationZombie
Full alertMr.Root of Union'94
Fuckin noiseTebirod of Les Shadock
FreedomZoomorph of death Row
Fonkie noch lessJorun & H-Vard
Floating in garbageJason of Melon Dezign
Final assaultStranger of Amriotz
Fast illusionMelomaniac of Vty
ElefantensLechuck of disaster
Dark wonders finalEarthshaker of Abn
CybtranRash of Partek
Cot rainbow iiDaydreamer of Tribe
Compo cyber houseNightmare of Anarchy
CompilationLord Semtex
Cloud of unknowingScorpion of ctrl
Buggy ballsMindfuck of Mentasm
BrillianceSome1 of Razor 1911
Bonus life-
BombtrackClaws of Bomb
Blue skiesRix of Duplo
Beyond the horizonMystra of Stone Arts
BedtimeFlower of Iris
Beat experienceSpacekid
A sly dogHelrayor of TRSI
AnthygonyJonny of Interpol
22 dropsIso of Axis
Dismal atmosphereX-Cess