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4 Channel Music 1992

RankTitleMade ByPreview
1CortouchkaMoby of DRD
2Hi TensionGurra & Alf of Virtual
3Desessart NicolasDoh of Delight
4Times the remedyMr.Man of Andromeda
5NicoleFabian of Desire
6EliminationLizardking of Alcatraz
7Oberheim powerEmax of TRSI
8TechnologyAxel of Brainstorm
9RivieraDean of Cyberiad
10Jimi HendrixHein of Vision
11SidewinderVinnie of Spaceballs
12Under the SurfaceGin of Dual Crew
13Big bangDr. Mirios of Noxious
14Ne grooveHitHansen? of Funky Budd
15PartygroovingWardsequencer of Re
16The warAudioMonster? of Melon Dezign
17RainLizard of Andromeda
18A New Jack ThingKoo Kai of Liqui
19Stop The Press 3Jason of Crusaders
20PhantasieMaestro of Kefrens
21Flower Power ModuleRockBiter?+
22NativedanceMazon of Equinox
23Croma divisionMental Cube
24HauntedSpacebrain of Upfront
25SpacetekopeningJoker of BMB
26Last ExecutionBjørn of Sketch Ah
27Real MotivationMic Dair of Compl
28Psychodelic BlastZytar of Quartc
29Real Jordan Jazz911 of Rebels
30Metal HornBig Baer of Taurus(D)
31The Triumph of LoonLoonstar of T
32EarectionAsh of Vixen
33Technology Pardy v2Maggot of Legacy
34The Club Madley RemixOkdaz
1 vuoden takuunSpike & Depete of Kl0ver Design
Acess highBkh & Nhp of Anarchy
A new dayL.K.A of Twilight Zone
A trip to funkylandShun of Liquid
Back on trackSoul of Shining
Biological substance-
BladeraverBionic of Focus Design
BlowawayJugi of Complex
Bomb of luckFacet of Anarchy
Caco daemonHellhound of Damage
Chaotic creationOmar
City lights-
Computer sinsSun of Dreamdealers
Condom corruptionTravolta of Spaceballs
Countris tunesIron Cat of Zenith
Dance motherfuckersSonet of Vixen
Delirium short-
EvolutionShabba of Smash-Designs
Fatal designsVain of Razor 1911
Feedback decadeZyron of Antic
Galactic connectionSiracon & Mellon
Go away-
God of hellfireKetil Jensen of Future Vision
Happy beesSun of Dreamdealers
HarmonicamanDoz & Ivan of Shining
HeavyTwin Freaks
Hot and red chillyTowie of Delight
H AtariTwin Freaks
Ingen aning 7Xerxes of Voice
InterceptiaLord Interface
Its overVga of Implosion
Ivory tower-
Julgubbe rulezToneless of 2000 a.d.
JunglizmDj.Maxx of Intense
Just for funPitty of Dytec
Like a sweet dreamIron Cat of Zenith
Longing for techno 2Pitty of Dytec
Lonlyness shortPitty of Dytec
Love funkBrainboy
Magic melodies IIIM.C.MP of Remedy
Mayday resistanceRadar of Contrast
Molecules revengeJester of Sanity
My wolf 2Arpegiator of Chryseis
M bisonZoltar of Alcatraz
Noises nebulusSun of Dreamdealers
OrangejuiceRegulator of Aurora
Out of fashionAlpha of Pls
Out of silenceJogeir Liljedahl
Patsys creditsMel O'Dee of Shining
Poing poingSlambam of Litany
Reverie of truth 2Misty & Daeron of Shining
RockthrowerXeno of Gnu Design
Sacred templeIron Cat of Zenith
SchizofreneticDirk of Legend
Slammer Module-
Small Circles-
SpacigClaw of Black Monks
Step oneVixen of Eclipse
Spheres 2-
StolenTricktrax of Balance
SuffocateOverlord of Focus Design
TekSoundtracker of Hawaii Brothers
TekknischCytron of Rave
TekknologicalM.Linde & J.Wilson of Pds Prod.
The abyssVirus of Legend
The change sunsetClaw of Dark Reign
Tomatoes on meNoise of Polaris
TrepidationDolphin of Noxious
Tunus des weirdusDr.Weird
Virtual realityOrganic of Shining
W O T W-
X in the towerChucky
ZtotalbrutalAsh & Sonet