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PC Demo 1996

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> == Prizes
> # $2500
> # $1250
> # $750
> # $500
> # $250


RankTitleMade ByPreview
1Sand 3
2MegablastDer Piido of Orange
3VenusEcho of Fudge
4Mental DebugNico of Dead Beet
5EmpireSupermummi of Tplom
61. TimeGugi 9000 of Plutonic
7CompostHoplite of Orange
8Helsinki Mon AmourMikko Sairio of Plant
9LiketGoto 10
10Hirmu Goes JyrkiMr. Suamclimavia HiRMU?
11WarpZ of Kloon Killer Ribbon
12The Fake 6BSE of E605
13Zero GravitySlyde of Blasphemy
15ToneDice of Eufrosyne
16DowntownPink of Abyss
17LevitationsScribe of Faculty
18EuforiaDubberman Code of Red Panther Trialogy
19SalladZta, TSi and amp.Orange of Tisprut Productions
20DreamsLiam the Lemming of Music Foundation
21TarraqonaEMS of WhatCom?
22NaturalAndy, Logix and Cou gar of Sympathy
23PsychadelicAssign Macaw and Wolfman Opium
24PyramaniaMoonchild Factor
25Subliminal PerceptionInterpretor of Noware
26Sand 3Stor hamzter of Rectum cauda
28MundaneAsC?, Jophod and PhrEd? of Nowadays
29Certified and amp.Jezz
30PrayRecc of Esteem
31ShoongSeppe and amp. Hypercube of Hatha
32XamenMoony of Solid



  1. $2500
  2. $1250
  3. $750
  4. $500
  5. $250