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Java Demo 1997

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> == Rules
> * Will be shown in latest Netscape Navigator release version (not beta) under WinNT4.0.
> * Shown on 233MHz Pentium-MMX, 48MB Ram
> * Shown from a web server via LAN
> * Must me 100% pure java applet, ie. platform independable.
> * Max 6MB compiled including all class and html files, graphics and soundtracks. A zip archive may be used.
> * No more than 5 min. will be shown.
> * Resolution max 640x480.
> * Source code need not to be submitted
> * May run in Navigator window or separate window.
> * Html page in which to run the applet must be provided, and max resolution is 640x480/24bit.
> * Only one demo per coder


RankTitleMade ByPreview
1StakaterIsvark of Prone Stakater
2MuteJugi of Komplex Mute
3Minus 61 in DetroitKlorathy of Ram Jam Minus 61 in Detroit
5Something Like A Happosalpaaja Java demoDa Jormas Something Like A Happosalpaaja Java demo
6Mer' StrømShodan of The leather Pants Mer' Strøm
7PanicMethod man Panic
8The GrindPee Wee The Grind
9X Hoblus Matofakoslukka hurmos of HiRMU?X Hoblus Matofakos
10MicroFlemming Jans of Insight Micro
11Rising StarGlenn of Epsilon 3Rising Star
12BlocütBlocüt of Blocüt Blocüt
HYPETarnon & Gargoyle of The Digital Nerds HYPE
Ego TrippinSonik Clique Ego Trippin



  1. $1000
  2. $750
  3. $500